Chennai has become very crowded and pedestrians are take for a ride in this historic city Regulatiatory authorities should focus on the issues since it is on the increase now. The area near the Bank of Maharshtra and the Gangai AMMAN KOIL, Aavin booth have become a STINKING ISLAND
Pavements and platforms have become a thing of the past. The reason for this is the large scale encroachments by the shop keepers all over the city of Chennai. There is no proper regulation by the traffic authorities to help the pedestrians who find it difficult to walk on the roads.
Traffic is becoming too heavy and we see a lot of vehicles on the road thanks to the policy of the banks granting vehicle loans very generously.
Recently one of my friends was at a shop purchasing a bread. An auto man was reversing and hit my friend for no fault of his in the tiny TMM St in Vannanthurai near BesantNagar.
This is one of the many instances in the area in which the pedestrians are hit by the vehicles and we started enduring the same since we are not able to cure the same.We appealed to the authorities in vain lot of times!.Govt and the concerned officials should sit together to find a solution immediately!
The road is very BUMPY near the bus stop and many appeals to the authorities have only fallen in the deaf ears so for!
Vannanthurai has become too busy and TMM ST is becoming a dumping yard to say the least.Right in the middle of the road some tricycles are dumped. Just opposite to that here is an open EB Junction Box posing danger.
During rains it becomes miserable!
                                                                        ACTION PLEASE!
Article by
Venugopalan S
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