Apropos the PULWANA attack on our brave jawans I pen these lines
TERRORISM is an attack on humanity and we have to raise as ONE MAN to combat the same and display our solidarity in a very strong manner and win over it now!The brutal attack on our soldiers in the front is a big worry and bothering news everyday!

Meaningful Independence is yet to be achieved in our Nation.We have to sacrifice a lot more.It is necessary our leaders should be role models for it.God save our India now!We the people of the great nation@INDIA should also rise up and try and contribute our bit to the country rather than getting frustrated negatively!AS Kennedy said’Ask not what the country has done for you!Ask yourselves what
you have done for your country!”Let us remember ALL those who fought for the nation under Gandhiji!God save our Mother Land@India! Frm venugopalan 98413 13527
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