When I say thetres I mean many theatres which screened good films till  1975 when TV cult became the habit of Chennaites@Madrasis.During our college days in the 1960s we used to go to films in a group of 10+ friends on a Dutch basis of economics.Dutch means in colloquial terms’that that man that that money’ meaning the expenditure would be equally shared by all.Our life used to start only after dinner and we enjoyed all the night!
We used to target Mount Road then which housed many theatres.Notable among them were ODeon,Midland,New Globe,Wellington,Casino,Gaiety and Chitra.Going to a film was a very big experience in those days.While Wellington used to screen Gemini SS Vasans films all the while regularly other theatres screened varied films.ODeon,Globe and Casino usually had English films and Tamil films on a sort of change basis.Midland usually had English movies. New Elphinstone used to screen all South Indian language films.Once I took a teenager to the famed “BEcket’ starring Peter Otoole and we were not allowed inside since it was an’ Adults’ Only’ Movie.But ultimately over a cup of Quality Ice Cream we were allowed to watch the movie.Incidentally my teenager friend was none other than the ‘Lava Kusa’ fame master Murali who is now one of the big auditors of Chennai whose dad is the famed Kalasagarm Rajagopal the famed Sculprtor of Yogi Ram Surathkumar of  
Tiruvannaamali.Incidentally I am proud to be the son of Chitti Sundarajan famed Manikkodi writer.It was still green in our memories that we used to take tea after midnight at Cafe Irani at Mount Road and walk back to Mylapore sinc buses were not aavailable during nights.All this fun would take place during saturday night outs which was regular in our college days. We are still in touch but watch movies only over the TVs only as we are all Senior Citizens!

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