Kalathi Kadai in Mylapore adjoining the Chitrakulam is an important mile stone of Chennai@Madras.Even  to day after its existance of so many decades the ROSE MILK is a special drink and one can see a Q of people including the VIPs of our city waiting to have a SIP of the colouful and very tastty drink.Rose milk is the favourite but yet the small and very cute shop is only a PETTIKADAI offering a few more mouth watering drinks.During summer the crowd will be more and swelling in numbers all the while.It is one of the shops in which other items like Pencil Rubber etc are also SOLD in good numbers for a very long time of a few decades.What with the mushroom growth of many

MALLS in our city all around and also the talk  of the WALMART to touch the soils of Chennai@Madras soon.But KALATHI KADAI and Rose Milk can never be beaten by any such big shops and expensive shopping out lets.’Men may come and men  may go’but KALTHI KADAI will  go on  for ever serving Rose Milk to the people in Mylapore
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