was a very frequent visitor to the historic Gokhale hall durung early 1960s to listen to the concerts of Semmangudi,GNB MS and the most popular MMI who was as popular like
Tendulkar.In  Carnatic Music Madurai Mani Iyer who drew a lot of crowds for his

interesting concerts.We easily numbering a dozen of rasikas went to a specific
concert during one working day evening.The concert of MMi was accompanied by stalwarts of Violin and Mridangam and Ghatam.MMI started his cutchery with the Vaatapi followed by Kapali, Sarasasamadana Seetapathe and the main piece being Kambodi and i think the song was Maa Janaki.He went on to sing Karpagame and concluded with the customary English Note and Mangalm.There was absolutely joy and ecstacy among the full and frenzy
audience waees spell bound and the cutchery finished only at 10 pm.Whenever nowadays
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